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Shaun Lynch,
Process, Sketchbook, Failures. Minor Successes.
“ESTEBAAAAAANN!” My piece for the Alternate Ending show at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC. It’s a limited edition of 30 for a bargain price, so if you want it, go get it before somebody else does, here.
And If you live in the area, one- you are incredibly lucky to live in such a city, (as I enjoyed myself immensely the last four days, stomping around various boroughs), and two- you should definitely go and see what the other artists involved have done! I am now the very proud owner of “Air Gump" by Jeremiah Britton :D

You can see and purchase all the work from the Bottle Neck site, get some fantastic artwork to make your friends envious, and help out the Charity NY Cares.
This gallery is headed towards big success, at break neck speeds. keep an eye out.
Also thank you to all you lovely people who came to the show! New York, I shall return soon.
look for me:
You don’t have the time left, or the ability to grow a moustache, but you want to do your bit for Movember? Don’t Disappoint Daniel, go to
I answered a few (good) questions for a rather nifty site which all you ‘creatives’  should follow. 
 Questioning Creatives has interviews from a lot of very good Illustrators and designers I am really very honoured to have my name and thoughts up there. Also I was jacked on Espresso when I wrote the answers so there is some mania in the answers.
The image has nothing to do with the questions, it’s just an old, old piece (2011), a broad billed parrot made extinct by rats. To be precise.
Apt? probably not.
Go follow them, Twitterrrrrrrr!
(The answers I gave are my own vaguely uninformed opinions of life, they should be taken as that and nothing else. My only hope is that I at least offended someone.)
Illustration and 3 icons for VERY FUN typography project.

Bettys Coffee Shop

Luckily a good friend with good camera skillz was at the opener. If you look closely you might be able to see how that wall was built. Hastily.
Don’t forget, go splash some cash :
BIG WIN FOR SCIENCE!!! well done fearless Felix. Here is a quick shoddy sketch as a small celebration of the accomplishment.